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The same way you maintain your car, I have found that regular visits have maintained my health. I recognize that being more aware of my overall condition is also a benefit of regular care.”​


Dr Evon and his staff are awesome. Not just a great Doctor, he becomes your friend. You have more of a personal experience not just a clinical one. When you want an alternative treatment other then medication. I recommend him to anyone that is scared of the stigma of going to a chiropractor. When your body deserves the best, go to the best.


Dr Evon is an awesome chiropractor and an even better person! His staff are very efficient, courteous and friendly! I constantly recommend him to all family and friends.”​​


Dr. Evon has helped me for about 6 years. I suffer from chronic back pain from several car accidents. I also suffer from abdominal/pelvic pain from scar tissue from 10 previous surgeries. Dr. Evon keeps me off of pain meds. Between regular chiropractic treatments and laser therapy, I have been able to almost completely stop taking pain medicine.

With the current opioid epidemic, alternative treatments are worth considering. I highly recommend Dr. Evon to anyone suffering from pain. If he can't fix it, he never hesitates to send you to a specialist. Eg. I had tennis elbow a few years ago that wasn't responding to treatment. He suggested that I see an orthopedic specialist, who gave me a cortisone injection.

I moved away, but I still drive over an hour each way to see him. I have yet to find another chiropractor that is as good as Dr. Evon.

Oh...and his staff rocks!”​​


I've been seeing Dr. Evon since October of 2003. I first started visiting Dr. Evon due to an ache in my back. However, I quickly discovered that chiropractic care was treating much more than my aching back. As I progressed through my appointments, my back ache faded away, and I started to feel better in general. I was discovering that chiropractic care is truly a holistic approach to healing. My entire body was being aligned, and that led to an improved sense of wellness as a whole.

Dr. Evon has consistently listened to all my concerns and takes great care in explaining his recommendations. He ensures that he answers any questions that I may have. His attentiveness to my concerns leads me to trust his advice.

The office is always clean and welcoming. The Chiropractic Assistant, Jenni, is always courteous, friendly, and professional. Jenni puts in the extra effort to make sure that each patient feels completely comfortable and valued. Typically, the wait time is under 5 minutes so that I can get in and out relatively quickly.

I schedule appointments through the Evon Chiro website. Since the request takes place online, it is quick and easy. I just provide my contact info and a time range, and Jenni contacts me with an appointment time. Before the appointment, I receive a text message reminding me that I have an upcoming appointment.

Overall, I would rate my experience with Evon Chiropractic as excellent, year after year.”​​


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