Laser Therapy

Evon Chiropractic offers low-level laser therapy with the use of the Erchonia Medical PL 5000. Laser therapy has been proven to possess the ability to resolve inflammatory conditions. Laser therapy works on many different levels, resolving inflammation, reestablishing the neuromuscular system, and even resolving the more severe underlying issues such as tendon or ligament damage.

The Erchonia laser works at the cellular level whether or not a select body area has been injured, it is not limited to neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Any inflammatory disorder, pain, discomfort, invasive procedure, etc. is a candidate for laser therapy.

Evon Chiropractic also uses the Dynatronics Cold Laser for other applications. Laser Light Therapy is effective for many types of care. The application of light therapy is used for soft tissue repair and regeneration. Low level lasers send energy through skin layers to soft tissue cells, which stimulate blood flow and cell metabolism.

Benefits of Laser Light Therapy:

  • Relieves acute and chronic pain

  • Increases speed and quality of soft tissue repair

  • Increases blood supply

  • Stimulates immune function

  • Stimulates nerve function

  • Stimulates the generation of new and healthy tissue

  • Promotes faster wound healing and clot forming

  • Reduces inflammation

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