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What I really lost on the way to losing the baby weight

By Kristina Evon

Those of you who have seen me working around the office  for years have noticed that there is a little bit less of me than there used to be.  It has taken me 4 long years of exercise and eating healthier to get to a point where most of the baby weight I gained during my two pregnancies has come off.  I truly feel at times that I am still taking these steps toward being healthy one day at a time.  I don’t consider myself finished, just a work in progress.

I recently had a major setback in my training which was completely mental in nature.  I considered quitting it all. I was ready to throw my training of 3-4 times a week for four years out the window.  I was ready to binge on carbs and sleep in every day.  I had my excuses ready.  I was hurt and angry and felt like a victim.  I was ready to blame everyone but myself.  I was being selfish and I didn’t care.  This funk lasted five days.

 On day six, I began thinking about my reasons for starting to exercise in the first place and the many ups and downs over those 4 years.  The journey toward weight loss and fitness is truly a roller coaster and staying dedicated through the whole ride is the tough part.   I realized that this was just another challenge and I was largely over-reacting to my own hang ups about who I was and how I was being perceived by others.  I had to remember that I was doing this for myself.  I want to be a positive role model for my children and not throw in the towel when things are tough.  I want to own my words when I advise patients about exercise and eating right.  I want to be a strong mom that can run and play and keep up with her kids.

I lost the excuses, I lost my false pride and I lost the perception that anyone else was REALLY going to care about my health as much as I do.  No one was going to hold my hand and drag me back to the gym.  A chef was not going to appear in my kitchen.  I had to do it myself. I had to keep doing my best no matter what.  Most importantly I lost the fear that I may not deserve to be everything I want to be.  I’ve found that I do deserve it…. And so do YOU.