We value our patients' experience at Evon Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Michael Evon

The same way you maintain your car, I have found that regular visits have maintained my health. I recognize that being more aware of my overall condition is also a benefit of regular care. -CM

Dr. Evon, You don't know how much you helped me. I came to you with an intense pain in my leg and also a recurrent back problem. I had suffered for over 20 years with back problems. When my back pain reoccurs, it would severely limit my activities and put a hold on my life for awhile. I was happily proven wrong after your care. I didn't have to suffer with a back problem at all. You definitely improved the quality of my life. My only regret is that I didn't come to you years earlier. I will always be grateful. I wish you well and hope you can help many others like me. Thank you. -YL

Hi, my name is Shannon. When I started seeing Dr. Jurgelewicz in December of 2007 for pain in my lower back I was 30 years old. The care I received from Dr. Jurgelewicz was phenomenol. During that time, I realized I was pregnant with twins. I continued seeing him throughout my pregnancy. He provided me with exceptional care and gave me so much information regarding my pregnancy and how chiropractic care/diet and exercise would continue to keep me and my babies healthy. Each time I saw Dr. Jurgelewicz, he gave me more insight into prenatal care including how to maintain a healthy diet, which exercises were most suitable during each trimester, which supplements to use, etc. Due to Dr. Jurgelewicz's exceptional care, I believe that I was the most healthy I had ever been and was able to deliver two very healthy little boys. I am still using the prenatal vitamins that he recommended and continuing the different exercises he recommended. I feel fantastic! He was a pleasure to speak with and work with. I feel that he truly cared about my well being and the well being of my two babies. He related to me and to my situation. He was able to provide the best level of care for me. It is very rare to find someone that takes an interest in your life and your well being. I was very fortunate to find Dr. Jurgelewicz and to be a patient of his throughout my pregnancy. -SE

I was scheduled for back surgery when my daughter suggested that I make on final attempt at a more holistic cure. She had been receiving care from Dr. Evon for the past several months for her neck pain and spoke very highly about the relief that she had received. She also spoke well of Dr. Evon's skill and ability to actually "feel" problem areas and take the appropriate corrective actions. I began chiropractic care over a year ago and have acheived excellent results. I completely avoided the need for back surgery and now live a relatively pain free life. After experiencing back pain for over 30 years, I considered these results to be impossible prior to care. I cannot give Dr. Evon any greater endorsement than to say that my wife now receiveds his chiropractic care as well as my daughters and grandson. Thank you Dr. Evon for the excellent care that you have give me any my family. -RD

In the Fall of 2007 I developed extreme lower back pain. I received chiropractic care that Fall without success. After some time, I saw Dr. Jurgelewicz. He was innovative and persistent when it came to relieving my pain. He diagnosed me as having a herniated disc, which was proven on an MRI scan, set up and arranged my Dr. Jurgelewicz. I am now pain free and extremely grateful and pleased at the level of professional, innovative chiropractic care that I received from Dr. Jurgelewicz. -TW

In the last eight years that I have been a patient of Dr. Evon, I have been treated as if I am part of his family. The care and attention that he shows towards his patients makes him stand apart from other chiropractic care I have received in the past. Over the years he has worked with me in managing chronic pain as well as teaching me preventative measures to avoid exacerbating the current complaint. He has taught me how to use nutrition as an aid to my care as well as some homeopathic therapies on order to avoid medicine that may alter my health. Evon Chiropractic is a well-rounded care facility that works hard to keep patients happy, healthy and involved in their health. After eight years and hunderds of visits, every appointment is a learning experience about my body and how to keep it healthy. -JP

Dr. Jurgelewicz, I just want to thank you for everything you've done for me in the past few months. I really feel like I have gained from this experience. My shoulder pain (with the exception of the last couple weeks) has greatly dimished. Several doctors I have seen could not produce the results I got with your care. My posture is better and I feel, on a whole, a lot better than I have in years. -KF

On March 24, 2009, I walked into Evon Chiropractic through a recommendation of a patient. I can only say it was the best thing I did for myself. Dr. Michael Jurgelewicz kindly received me as his patient. Upon arriving, I had walked into his office using a cane and having a great amount of right knee pain related to osteoarthritis, a baker's cyst, and meniscal tear. After my consultation, Dr. Jurgelewicz explained the matter of care; going along with it I finally experienced relief of pai. Eventually not having to use a cane. Excellent results. I continue with regular care because it makes a difference in my life. It's a better health and wellness program. For example, you get an alignment for your car, why not your body? Thanks again for your care, especially with my type of work that can be demanding at times in a physical way. I totally recommend Evon Chiropractic. I am a satisfied patient. -PM

Dr. Jurgelewicz, Thanks for emailing me the golf stretches, but even more thanks for enabling me to do them. Your care on Monday provided immediate relief from the gnawling pain that I felt through the weekend. Even the constant soreness that I had felt on the right side is gone! This is the best I've felt in weeks. Thanks again. -VM, DDS